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Evening hairstyle: the most fashionable

Seen on red carpets and fashion shows, the “wet hair” has established itself as the trendy evening hairstyle. Easy to achieve, this look is perfect for giving off chic, haute couture style. To start, you should blow-dry the entire hair to the back with a round brush, then run the straightener through the middle and ends to get the hair perfectly straightened. Tip: Moisten the front and back parts of the hair close to the scalp with a spray. Apply wet effect gel to the same area using a comb. Be careful not to touch the lengths. We set everything with a strong hold spray to maintain our wet look throughout the night.

Evening hairstyle: the most sophisticated

By adopting side hair, we bring the look of Hollywood stars of the 1940s to the present day. To get this hairstyle, we draw a side part. We process the coated side with a “wet effect” gel, then fix the back using flat buckles. For the long side, we spray the hair with heat protectant spray and then curl the hair. Tip: Twist each strand as you roll to highlight the notch.

Evening hairstyle: the most rock’n’roll

Play with the volume between the top and the sides for an easy-to-achieve rock evening hairstyle. To start, you need to divide the hair into two parts: isolate the occipital part (top of the head) and cover the side parts with flexible wax. We apply volumizer to the roots before combing everything out. Using a small soft-bristled brush, gently trim the lengths towards the back without touching the backcomb. With an extra strong hairspray, we fix our rock’n’roll evening hairstyle to be at its peak until the end of the night.

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Discover 50 inspiring hairstyles that will shine in the evening

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