7.9 million respiratory patients: practices at their limits due to the wave of illness

According to the Association of General Practitioners, the high number of infections in acute respiratory diseases is pushing practices to their limits. “This is exactly what we are experiencing right now, which we had already warned about this summer“, said association president Markus Beier to the editorial network Germany (RND). “Family doctors’ offices are at the limit again, even if they Flu season hasn’t even started yet has.”

patients would get in many places, no appointment In addition, waiting times are getting longer and there is hardly any time left for the treatment itself, Beier explains. This be due to bad political decisions in recent years.

The head of the association once again called for a crisis summit from Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) to guarantee primary care. Among other things, bureaucracy must be reduced. “Otherwise, more and more people will simply find themselves without a family doctor’s office.”

Corona, colds and flu darken the period before Christmas in Germany. In the report of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) last week was from extrapolated approximately 7.9 million acute respiratory illnesses (previous report: 7.1 million) nationwide, regardless of doctor visits.

After Corona dominated for a long time, The RKI recently announced the start of the RSV wave (RSV stands for respiratory syncytial virus infections). Today, flu detections are also increasing significantly. According to the RKI definition, the flu wave caused by influenza viruses has not yet started. (dpa)

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