A banker and a professor hit the ball with the best octopus in the world

International recognition for Cantabrian octopus from the cannery The old fisherman, located in Tapia de Casariego, has catapulted this product to the top of haute cuisine. In the Price of good taste Last year, This culinary delight captured in western Asturias has achieved the highest distinction: three stars, an achievement obtained by only 1.5% of the nearly 15,000 products in international competition

This prestigious competition, organized each year in the United Kingdom, recognizes the Cantabrian octopus is the best in the worldthus giving unprecedented momentum to the canning business The old fishermanled by the couple composed of Ángela Donato, professor, and Carlos Díaz, banker, who masterfully led this project for six years, as reported The voice of Galicia.

The impact of this award was immediate, catapulting the company’s sales and growth: it closed the year 2021 with the sale of 25,000 kilos of cooked octopus; In 2022, they have increased this figure to almost 40,000 kilos. For this year, they plan to reach 53,000 kilos.

But his vision goes further. Cantabrian octopus has become the reference for a wide range of gastronomic products sold The old fishermanwhich include everything from northern tuna to mackerel, mussels or sardines, pâtés and anchovies, all in varied formats and preparations.

Although its main market remains domestic, the cannery has expanded its global reach. “Most of our activity is concentrated in Asturias, Galicia, Madrid, Valencia, mainly in the hospitality sector. However, increasingly our production is located abroad, exporting to countries like the United Kingdom, Italy and the Netherlands,” explains Angela Donato.

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