Abortion: how Hadley Duvall fights against prohibition in the United States

Courageous confession: Hadley Duvall moved many people.
Image: AP

American Hadley Duvall was abused by her stepfather for more than ten years. She was pregnant at twelve years old. Today, she’s fighting one of the strictest abortion bans in the United States – and even influenced elections in Kentucky.

DThe photo Hadley Duvall posted on Facebook last summer shows a young girl. In a yellow T-shirt, with a neckline, side parting, fixed straps and a big smile. “This photo was taken when I was in seventh grade,” wrote the young American. “That same week, I also took my first pregnancy test. It was positive. » But not because she was sexually active. “I was pregnant because my stepfather raped me.”

Sofia Dreisbach

North American political correspondent based in Washington.

Today, Duvall says, “I actually thought I would take this story to my grave. ” Instead, this message made her a central figure among abortion advocates in the United States. In November, the 21-year-old used her story to help Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear win re-election in the Republican-leaning state of Kentucky. In a video that went viral, she shared what she hadn’t told almost anyone in years.

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