According to dentists, this is an important move to have white teeth – Elle

Your teeth have lost their former color, your tooth enamel has darkened and your smile has been damaged… This situation is related to the phenomenon of tooth discoloration. There are two sources. On the one hand, the internal color of the tooth, that is, its own color, inevitably develops with age and as time passes. On the other hand, the colorations we call the outer surface arise from our consumption habits. And it seems that the latter can actually be limited thanks to a simple gesture that has already been acquired in our daily habits. Before embarking on teeth whitening, dental surgeon and UFSBD spokesperson Dr. You can find Lequart’s advice here.

good trick

“Our consumption habits cause the outer color of the teeth to change. So, when we drink coffee, tea or even wine, the surface of our teeth becomes colored,” explains the expert. In order to limit this ugly effect, which ultimately affects the color of the teeth, as much as possible, it is recommended to “rinse your mouth and drink a glass of water immediately afterwards to eliminate the tannins accumulated in the tooth enamel.”

The expert gives an example to support his words: “Just like in your tea or coffee cup. It rinses easily if you rinse it immediately after consuming your drink. If you wait too long, the tannins will coat the glass and you will have to rub harder.” Here’s an illustrated example that makes you want to adopt this simple move without further delay.

What about other methods?

While it’s good to monitor your consumption habits (for your teeth and overall health), there are other ways to improve the whiteness of our teeth. Start by adopting a so-called whitening toothpaste at home. Combined with the right actions and the right toothbrush, it “promotes the shedding of stains and reduction of tooth yellowing.”

If you want to go further, it is also possible to visit the dentist so that he can determine the most appropriate examination for your teeth. There are various techniques to remove surface discolorations, such as descaling or polishing. These examinations may be recommended alone or before teeth whitening, which is another technique that consists of wearing plaques coated with whitening product, every day and for a period determined by the specialist. If this does not work, the dentist may recommend two more techniques: first, microabrasion, which involves roughening the tooth before returning to the whitening technique, or second, bonding dental coatings, such as thin ceramic films, to the surface. To camouflage the ugly color of the tooth. The important thing is to avoid smile bars and other whitening kits.

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