Adobe under investigation for making it difficult to cancel a subscription

Following complaints from its customers, Adobe has been scrutinized in the United States on the grounds that “subscription cancellations are too difficult”.

Adobein the USA Federal Trade Commission (FTC) And Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) He shared the examination materials received by. The SEC requires companies to provide information on matters that could affect their profits. These documents state that the FTC is investigating and that the investigations are not yet complete.

The investigation launched because canceling a subscription was made more difficult has been going on for a year and a half.

in June 2022 Stating that the investigations initiated are continuing, Adobe said the reason for the investigation was public requests He stated that this was the case. Of research Membership cancellation and account closure issues It was stated that it came from Furthermore, the company states that its practices comply with the law and that it is currently FTC He said they were continuing negotiations with. He also pointed out that they could be financially affected by the resolution of this problem.

In March, the FTC ordered companies to: subscription cancellation process Information was given on how to do this. According to this information, companies should use simple cancellation mechanisms and include membership cancellation as an option when offering different membership cancellation alternatives. Users should also be asked if they would like to see these alternatives. Likewise, when it is time to renew their membership, subscribers should be informed.


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Another point is the regulations regarding the timing of termination of subscriptions. Adobe It looks like this is where he’ll have the most problems. Adobe subscription can only be canceled within the first 2 weeks of subscription, otherwise subscription fees are charged based on the usage period. Adobe does not have a notification system when membership renewal dates are approaching, and subscriptions may be canceled without notice. automatically is currently being renewed.

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