Ads are decreasing in the YouTube TV app

YouTube has made a significant change to its television application. Now, those watching YouTube videos on their TV will see fewer ads. However, the duration of the ads will be longer.

YouTube, the world’s largest online video viewing platform via televisions It was also widely used. The company within Google made a statement today that will concern those who watch YouTube videos in this way.

According to the announcement made on the support page Now available in the YouTube TV app less advertising will be displayed. You may have seen this innovation on television because it has been tested on certain users since September. The platform has now started making it accessible to everyone.

Although the number of advertisements will decrease, their duration will increase

However, you shouldn’t get high right away. Although the number of ads in the TV app will decrease, their duration will increase. So the ads you watch It will take longer and you will have to wait longer to succeed. It will be necessary. However, we can say that this change will be better than frequently seeing ads while watching something. This can be frustrating, especially when watching long videos.

As always, it will be possible to see when you can ignore the ad in the lower right corner. You can see an example of longer-running ads in the GIF above. When we look at this example, advertising in 45 seconds We see that it is adopted.


YouTube feature to reassure content creators: comments can be stopped!

YouTube continues to tighten its advertising measures. It introduced 30-second commercials that were previously unavailable for the TV app. Recently, it introduced a feature that restricts ad blockers in all its apps.

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