Alarming messages from universities: “The bomb will explode in 60 or 100 minutes”

It’s universities’ turn to be subjected to a wave of fake bomb threats after school. Since the beginning of the week of October 23, many institutions have had to evacuate their buildings and thousands of students. The threats have become even more alarming since the October 13 attack at Arras High School, which claimed the life of a literature teacher.

These false alarms first alarmed the Catholic University of Lyon (UCLy) this Monday afternoon. “We received an e-mail around 16:00. The letter contained the following message: “I planted a bomb in the Catholic institute. “The bomb will explode in 60 or 100 minutes.”» indicates the organization Student of Figaro. Given the clumsy wording of the message, UCLy immediately thought it was a hoax but decided to evacuate the building anyway: “As a precaution, we immediately conveyed the message to the rectorate and initiated the alarm at our two campuses in Lyon and the campus in Annecy.“.

More than 7 thousand students were evacuated in 10 minutes

In total, more than 7,000 students had to be hastily evacuated.”in 10 minutes» indicates the University. A message was even broadcast over the school’s loudspeakers warning that this was not just a routine fire drill. “The police arrived quickly, but classes did not resume until the next morning. Students who left their belongings inside had to wait for hours to get their belongings back.», continues Ucly. The same day, the Isara engineering school in Lyon received the same email and carried out an evacuation within the same time frame.

These false alarms have proliferated throughout the region. The Insa engineering school in Rennes was also the target of an anonymous email, forcing the evacuation of campus buildings as well as surrounding university dormitories. Even the metro station serving the university was closed for several hours. The same wave of panic occurred on the Maubeuge university campus, where a university and a gymnasium had to be evacuated and then secured after a warning email was received.

ETCIt is the work of a childish and weak-minded person who enjoys scaring everyone. But it’s a failure, it’s not scary .

Pierre, student at Valenciennes

2,000 students in Insa Hauts-de-France also had to leave their schools urgently this Monday. The school had received three emails stating that bombs had been placed at its three campuses in Maubeuge, Aulnoye-les-Valenciennes and Cambrai. “Pierre, who was a student at the establishment, says some say it was a student who did this to avoid a supervised assignment. First of all, I think it is the work of a childish and weak-minded person who likes to scare everyone. But it’s a failure, it’s not scary“.

Strengthened security on campuses

On Tuesday, October 24, it was the turn of three districts of the University of Haute-Alsace to carry out evacuations. The next day, the University of Artois in Arras was subjected to a similar threat. This threat was taken more seriously as the northern city remained traumatized by the assassination of Dominique Bernard. Therefore, soldiers were mobilized to secure the scene and block traffic in the surrounding area. On Thursday, October 26, the Aix-en-Provence law school also had to evacuate its building. It’s a threat that doesn’t concern many students, most of whom are on holiday.

All this is very annoying for everyone, and the first victims are students.He regrets the Catholic University of Lyon. These alerts are extremely disruptive today, can block traffic and put students in vulnerable situations. It’s not interesting at all.”. Like other organisations, UCLy has already strengthened security around its campuses. “We are carrying out more checks and have added additional security guards. Some exits are closed. We know it’s an effective system, but it’s hard to stay still when we get warnings» completes the installation.

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