Alcampo’s response after buyer found live anisakis in fish

Live anisakis worms measuring up to 3 centimeters in length. This is what a woman living in Madrid would have found in a place hake fillets after receiving a home delivery order placed in Alcampo, more precisely in an establishment on Príncipe de Vergara Street.

According to the customer’s story OKDiariowhen the house cook started to clean the fish “a little more”, she found some threads and told him.

Anisakis is a parasite which can be found in certain fish products and whose larvae become active in the human digestive system when ingesting raw fish or fish subjected to preparations that do not kill the parasite”, defines the Spanish Agency for food security (AESAN).

The woman, who recorded a video to record what happened, assures that the answer they gave her at the supermarket when she called was that she had passed it on to the fishmonger and that they would collect the product and they returned the money.

The supermarket, interviewed by the aforementioned media, clarified that “Alcampo works so that the products received in stores have as little anisaki as possible, to this end, buyers in fish markets are invited to buy batches gutted and minimally parasitized; and there is monitoring by fish quality inspectors on the platforms, rejecting clearly parasitized shipments.

Depending on the surface area, each year more than 100,000 pest controls. “Even with all these controls, a small part of the product will contain anisaki (current legislation only requires the elimination of clearly parasitized elements),” Alcampo points out.

Plus, it’s done in store.”a more detailed examination” and the product in which parasites are detected is eliminated. “In products that are not eviscerated, it is impossible to detect the presence of anisakis since these are found in the viscera of the product,” they add.

AESAN’s recommendations for minimizing risks regarding anisakis are:

1. Buy the fish clean and gutted (without the guts): “If this is not the case, remove the guts as soon as possible.”

2. Cooking, frying, baking or grilling are preparations that destroy the parasite when the temperature reaches 60°C for at least one minute over the entire piece. As a guide, a piece approximately 2.5cm thick should be cooked for 10 minutes in total (turning after 5 minutes).

3. If the fish is eaten raw or subjected to preparations that do not kill the parasite, it should be frozen at -20ºC or higher for five days.

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