Alcohol has been revealed to disrupt sperm structure

It turns out that alcohol consumption, which can cause major problems during pregnancy, isn’t just related to the mother. Those who want to become fathers should not consume alcohol for at least 3 months, according to a new study.

Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to health This has been a known fact for years. In fact, alcohol consumption among pregnant women even affects their unborn babies. However, scientists who continue their studies at Texas A&M University in the United States, future fathers He also revealed that they should be careful with their alcohol consumption.

It is generally said that the mother should not consume alcohol after pregnancy. However, the situation is more critical It turned out to be. According to a new study, men before deciding to become fathers at least 3 months ago They should stop drinking alcohol. Otherwise, the baby’s development will lead to consequences equivalent to the mother’s alcohol consumption.

Alcohol disrupts sperm chemistry

The scientists used mice for the research in question. male mice for 10 weeks The researchers fed drinks containing 6 to 10 percent alcohol, then looked at the genes in the testicles. The examination revealed changes in the genes in question. Additionally, this change did not improve for at least 1 month. However, the testes of male mice fed only water showed no genetic differences. I had no problem.


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Michael Golding, the leader of the study, said the effect of alcohol on reproduction from the liver says that. According to the scientist, the stress that alcohol puts on the liver also puts pressure on reproductive functions, which causes genetic deterioration. However, research has concluded that alcohol-related problems in babies are solely caused by the father. did not deliver Let’s point it out.

Psychological trauma of mothers can be overcome with this research

alcohol consumption during pregnancy

The medical world explains pregnancy problems allegedly caused by alcohol. usually attaches to mother. Michael Golding said it causes significant psychological trauma in mothers, but with their research it of perception was destroyed said. So, if there is an alcohol-related problem during pregnancy, the mother may not be the only one to blame. The father’s habit of drinking alcohol before conception can also impact the unborn baby.

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