Allergy alert regarding undeclared ingredients in a Toblerone product

The Spanish Food and Nutritional Safety Agency (Aesan) issued this Thursday a warning to people allergic or intolerant to milk, almonds, soy and eggs due to the marketing of a product of the Toblerone brand that contains these ingredients although they are not included in the labeling.

As reported by Aesan in a press release, these products which do not appear on the label are found in a milk chocolate product with nougat (10%), honey and almonds of the Toblerone brand, weighing 100 grams and bearing the number 7614500010013, which was sold with these expiration dates: 12/8/2024, 12/15/2024, 12/25/2024, 12/26/2024, 01/07/2025 and 01/24/2025 .

The initial distribution of this food took place in all the autonomous communities, with the exception of La Rioja, Ceuta and Melilla, although it cannot be excluded that there could be redistributions to these autonomous communities or cities .

As a precaution, Aesan recommends that people with allergies or intolerance to milk, almonds, soy and eggs refrain from consuming the product. For the rest of the population, this product does not pose any risk.

According to Aesan, it was the company itself which reported the incident to the competent authorities so as not to make dangerous foods available to the population.

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