“And you’re going to do that?” : Aitana assures that she is afraid of flying and announces that she wants to study it

Aitana continues Alpha Tour. The singer, after finishing her tour in Spain, went to Latin America, where she gave several closed concerts. Passing through Argentina, that of San Clemente de Llobregat He said in a program what he wanted to study.

“No one knows, it’s new”, he assured. There extriumphyte He began by revealing that he had many fears; one of them flies. But then he revealed that he wanted to study a pilot course. More specifically, to fly small planes.

“Mine is a story of love and hate,” admitted Aitana, referring to planes. However, he also emphasized that knows “a lot” about them. Then one of the program facilitators asked her if what she was going to do was a pilot course and the artist was emphatic: “Yes, yes, yes.”

And then, Aitana clarified that what she wants is “to fly small planes”. “But they scare you, and you are going to do that?”, questioned the presenter. And, once again, the singer made it clear: “I’m going to do it.”

The reactions on social networks to these statements were varied. Many users had the same opinion: “Arriving at the Bernabéu by plane, I see it”wrote a user on his X profile.

“There is no better way to overcome fear than shock therapy,” another tweeter wrote. There were also users who took the opportunity to reference the topic of Aitana with Nicki Nicole, Formentera: “She wants her direct flight to Formentera”shared another.

Likewise, there have been comments emphasizing the “random” who the singer is or how unexpected the statements seemed to them.

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