Bildarratz: “We will see what effect this week of strike, just after a long weekend, will have on the students”

The more than 9,000 workers of the Basque concerted network are in the middle of a week of strike to demand the renewal of the agreement. Strikes that affect education in Euskadi, with more than 130,000 students in these centers. And a few strikes coming just after a long weekend and just a few days before the Christmas holidays. The Minister of Education, Jokin Bildarratz, regretted this situation and wondered “what effect will this strike have on students?”

This Monday, the advisor asked unions and employers to take advantage of the Christmas period to regroup positions so that this type of situation does not happen again. “The only form of solution is dialogue. We have a very limited capacity for action but we do not refuse a meeting to anyone. But they are the ones who must reach an agreement through discreet and fair negotiations,” Bildarratz said in an interview with Euskadi Irratia.

Bildarratz asks the parties to remember that the student “is the center of the system” and to seek a solution that does not harm students.

Looking for improvements, after the PISA report

The Minister of Education was also asked about the assessment carried out after the last PISA report, in which Basque students lose places and record worse results in mathematics, reading and science. Bildarratz maintains the thesis that the pandemic has a decisive impact on the results of the 2022 report and affirms that “to evaluate the evolution of the PISA results in Euskadi, it would analyze them between 2003 and 2018, leaving aside the pandemic”.

The advisor asks that “the teaching model that we have be valued. “With the professionals, the centers, the directors… they are quality professionals.” And he explains that Education is implementing measures against segregation, working with town halls, training principals… in a twelve-year plan to continue improving the education system. Regardless, the ministry will “analyze all data” in the PISA report, such as those referring to gender or socio-economic differences, to see if it is possible to make further improvements to the system .

The education law “will also come from EH Bildu”

And in continuation of the current problems affecting the Ministry of Education, the new Basque Education Law is expected to be fully approved on December 21. A text that will only have the favorable vote of the parties that support the Basque Government, the PNV and the PSE, after EH Bildu withdrew from the agreement due to differences in the text. “There are no differences in the articles, even small ones, and I hope that there can be an agreement before this last day. In any case, the education law will also be a text of EH Bildu,” argued the advisor.

Bildarratz believes that behind EH Bildu’s refusal to vote in favor of the text lies “a lack of will due to the current pre-electoral context”. “It is a shame,” added the Minister of Education, that after three years of work this broad agreement has not been found, which can be seen “as a defeat” by the sector.

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