Boris Johnson’s remorse: no responsibility for British deaths from coronavirus

Boris Johnson on Wednesday before the Corona inquiry committee in London
Image: dpa

The former British Prime Minister regrets the “not always consistent” messages during the pandemic before the Corona Committee. But Boris Johnson does not want to take responsibility for the mistakes made.

DWitness Boris Johnson begins his questioning by apologizing for “all the pain, suffering and sorrow of the victims and their families of the pandemic”, but then immediately moves on to justifications. The fact that his government did not recognize the danger of the coronavirus for a long time in January and February 2020 or did not even want to recognize it, that it imposed confinement late – several weeks too late according to the ministry’s ruling of Health at the time. Minister Matt Hancock – Johnson justifies all this. And embeds it in circumstances to distance itself from the question of its own failures.

The commission of inquiry, which is hearing the former prime minister for two days, was mandated by him almost two years ago, while he was still in office. After such a tragedy, the state has an obligation to examine its actions afterward, witness Johnson said Wednesday in justification. The commission of inquiry follows the usual procedural pattern in Great Britain: a former judge chairs it and ultimately assesses the events, in this case Baroness Heather Hallett, a member of the upper house. Attorney Hugo Keith conducts the witness interviews. He also worked on Johnson’s written statement, which is more than 200 pages long and aims to explain his actions during the Corona period. In it, Johnson wrote that “mistakes were undoubtedly made.”

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