Businesswoman looking for cocktail outfit

Dressing up for a professional dinner, an opening, or a lavish birthday isn’t always fun. Advice and good tips from five people who know this clothing dilemma.

19:20 Anne, a 45-year-old board member of a French company, has to leave in thirty minutes for dinner with some of her husband’s friends. When he hangs in front of the dressing room, he can’t help but say with a sigh: ” I have nothing to wear. » There’s a black skirt but she’s not in the mood to wear tights, this is a midnight blue jumpsuit but the neckline is probably too low-cut to meet these people. This will be his black suit. “A Saint Laurent trouser suit purchased seven years ago that still worksIt gives confidence to this businesswoman who has to attend many performance nights.Over time, this has become my uniform, and my colleagues jokingly call me “the lady in the black tuxedo.” Although I would like to move away from this cliché, I assume this especially for special occasions. Try some fantasy, color and feminine cuts. »

Find the dress or suit suitable for the event, especially diversify the looks…

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