Can you guess which twin is a smoker?

It is not a new fact that smoking harms the body in different ways. However, until now, attention to the harms of smoking has always been focused on internal health. Smoking has been shown to be one of the causes of many serious illnesses such as lung cancer and heart disease. A study of 79 twins clearly reveals the obvious effects of tobacco on the skin.

Although skin deformities are not usually life-threatening, they have a strong impact on appearance. Images of twins where only one or one of them smoked 14 years older than the other; cigarette deep damage to the face, hair and teeth This can be seen very clearly.

You will know what you are looking for in twins whose photos we will give below. find out which one is smoking Don’t worry, it won’t be difficult at all.

In identical twins with different smoking histories, harmful effects of tobacco on the skin A study was carried out to demonstrate this.

twins day

Participate in the Twins Day Festival in the American town of Twinsburg Ohio 79 pairs of twins, were included in the study. Close-up photos of the participants were taken by a professional team. The photographs were analyzed by two doctors and a medical student and The wrinkles are graduated. The twins’ skin received scores out of 4 based on factors that will affect facial aging, including age, sunscreen use, work stress and alcohol consumption.

Excess skin on the upper eyelid of smokers, bags under the eyes, smile line, Upper and lower lip lines fell into the poor score group. However, forehead and eyebrow wrinkles crow’s feet and lower lip lines due to folds No significant differences were found between them.

Images from this study, which allow us to analyze facial aging in twins in detail:

Both people smoke. However, one of them has been smoking about 14 years longer than the other. Who do you think this person is?

The dangers of smoking

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the man on the right smokes longer. smaller and sunken eyes and the wrinkles betray him. Additionally, the man on the right exhibits one of the lesser-known but surprising effects of the smoking habit. Bedroom The hairline is further back.

If you look out of the corner of your eye, you can see the difference.

harmful effects of tobacco on the skin

Even though they are the same age, the one on the right looks like a woman of another age. The skin color of the woman on the right, who has been smoking for 16 years, is quite different from that of her twin. Other less visible but nonetheless obvious changes are: lips, hair and eyes Damage caused by smoking.

Another twin showing the effects of smoking on bags under the eyes.

wrinkles caused by smoking

As you guessed, the woman on the left smokes. The one on the left suffered more than his brother from the harm of smoking and sunbathing. for 14 years half pack smoker This woman’s loose strips of skin come from tobacco.

There are some differences that two cigarettes a day show.

effects of smoking

The twin on the right, just one day two cigarettes drinks. However, he has more damaged hair than his twin. Also more narrowed eyes You can see this by looking at the photo.

After four photos, you now know what to look at more carefully.

Does smoking make you age?

Pale color and hair loss, It is obvious that the smoker with aged skin is the twin on the right.

It can be a little difficult to differentiate due to age, but the harms of smoking reveal the difference.

difference between smoker and non-smoker

You might think the twin on the left smokes because of the color of his hair, but in this photo the smoker is on the right. The collapses before your eyes, wrinkled eyebrow and upper lip among the harms caused by smoking.

The eyes and the lips say it all.

What is the most harmful thing about smoking?

Looking at the lip lines and eye sockets, you can see that the woman on the left smokes. Also because it is the place closest to the smoke lip color fades This woman’s upper and lower lips are very wrinkled.

When they undergo a general examination, it is not clear what other harms of smoking there are, but their skin clearly explains the situation. If you and your health If you also care about your external beauty You can reconsider your relationship with smoking.

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