Canada: Quebec wants to lower tuition fees for French students

This is a personal crusade. Quebec Premier François Legault wants to admit more French-speaking students to universities in the La Belle province. And for this the head of government is ready to give a gift to French and Belgian students. “ Quebec considering lowering its bills ” made the headline in La Presse newspaper. French and Belgians could pay the same tuition as Quebecers, $2,880 per year instead of the current $9,000, according to the Montreal newspaper.

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Back to basics: Until 2015, our citizens paid the same registration fees as their Quebec cousins, before then-Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard unilaterally decided on a strong increase without François Hollande’s government lifting a finger. . If the confirmation of the reduction in tuition fees for French continues, the natural consequence will be an increase in tuition fees for Canadian students from other provinces. These costs will increase from $9,000 to $17,000 per year on average. For foreign students, the price will be $20,000.

There are a lot of English speaking people in Quebec

The reason for these increases? “ The number of English-speaking students in Quebec threatens the survival of French », declared François Legault. If it is indeed increasingly difficult to provide services in French in Montreal, where the vast majority of English-speaking students do not know a word of French and address interlocutors only in English, the measure has triggered the ire of university leaders. Quebec’s English-speaking universities. “ The situation is serious (…) Tuition increase (…) will have devastating effects for McGill and Quebec said Deep Saini, principal of McGill University. Three English-speaking universities, McGill, Concordia and Bishop’s, have raised unconvincing threats to relocate some of their operations because universities outside Quebec are generally more expensive. To add outrage to outrage, Quebec hit the nail on the head on Dec. 10 by requiring 80% of English-speaking students to learn French.

You will need 20,000 Euros in your account

If the sustainability of French is at stake, that’s not the only reason Quebec wants to raise tuition fees. Like the rest of the country, the state faces a severe housing shortage as legal immigration has doubled in recent years. Canada thinks it has found a solution to its housing crisis. Ottawa will limit the number of foreign students by tightening financial criteria for studying in Canada. In addition to the cost of tuition fees and plane tickets to get to their study destination, international students will now need to keep more than $20,000 a year in their bank accounts to make ends meet, up from $10,000 currently. Therefore, a foreign student who wants to study in Quebec will need approximately $45,000 per year (or twice the minimum wage). Ottawa and Quebec assure that these increases are not aimed at reducing the number of foreign students, but that these price increases will be quite a deterrent.

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