Cancer vaccine may be advanced after new trials

An experimental vaccine created jointly by pharmaceutical companies Moderna and Merckapplied in combination with an immunotherapy treatment from the second company, managed to reduce by 49% the risk of death or relapse in patients with advanced stages of melanoma, one of the most common types of skin cancer. fatal, as reported by the EFE.

The vaccine and treatment (the latter called Keytruda) also reduced the risk of metastases by 62% in patients with advanced skin cancer who participated in a three-year trial led by the two companies, according to a Moderna press release.

This announcement had an impact on the stock market: a few hours later, Moderna shares rose by 11.47%, while Merck shares fell by 0.25%.

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel told the CNBC program Scream boxWhat The vaccine could arrive in some countries in 2025 and that the two pharmaceutical companies are studying its effectiveness in patients in early stages of this type of cancer and in other tumors. According to The Economistthe latest tests “could give wings to an early arrival on the market, which was until now expected for 2030”.

The vaccine is intended to “train” the immune system to detect and attack tumor cells.

According to the press release, the most common side effects detected so far in this treatment are fatigue, chills and pain in the area where the vaccine was injected.

The vaccine is made from messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNAfor its acronym in English), a molecule that Moderna and Pfizer have already used in their respective vaccines against the coronavirus, for which they were based precisely on previous studies on the effectiveness of this technology in the treatment against cancer.

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