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A true union of gourmet criminals, Dom Pérignon and 2-star genius Amaury Bouhours in the kitchen of Le Meurice Alain Ducasse restaurant have joined forces to create an extraordinary bracket. You reach La Table du Chef, a real “restaurant within a restaurant”, through a very special entrance… Because here, behind the scenes of haute gastronomy, you dine with a very small group, live from the palace kitchens. Amaury offers a breathtaking treat to taste the perfect “pairing” with the house’s most extraordinary bottles: the combination of crispy blue lobster and chanterelle or silk-grained veal with Plénitude 2004. Cédric Grolet’s pineapple avocado beautifully completes this wonderful show. Cheers!

They embody the new guardian of Champagne signature cuisine with green Michelin stars… The dream suite of Garde Champêtre in Gyé-Sur-Seine moves into the grand private dining room of Ruinart House in Reims for a high-end pop-up. restaurant. Chefs devoted to virtuous cuisines, Sayaka Sawaguchi and Gil Nogueira, celebrate 100% chardonnay vintags into a very creative dinner created with Sweetbread Nuggets with caviar, then flat tart with almonds, tapenade and pesto from the garden. Le Blanc Singulier Edition 17 reveals the subtleties of wild sea bream served with Brussels sprouts, cockles and pili-pili. Before discovering extraordinary guinea pigs in a sauce infused with saffron and roasted cauliflower. Taka & Vermo develops a selection of cheeses, a Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 2007, from Paris artisan cheesemakers. The highlight of the show is a poached pear tartlet served with praline creme and l’explusive de ruinart… in addition to this service the Stages offer a more contemporary version of the chefs’ cuisine, with the singular bar offering a selection of gourmet tapas and champagne tastings …

La Table singulière, Maison 1729, 4, rue des Crayères, Reims (51). €180 for a five-course gourmet menu including two glasses of champagne until 16 December. Reservations at


Daniel Arsham

Daniel Arsham


An artist of the caliber of American Daniel Arsham was needed to bring to life an artistic vision of the high wine technology of the house of Moët & Chandon. The launch of a brand new cuvée, Collection Impériale Création N° 1, is accompanied by a work of 70 bottle object boxes and its variation in a limited series for the collection. The work titled “The Fame”, whose central figure is 3 meters tall and 1.30 cm tall, is an allegorical representation of the meter-high champagne house’s worldwide reputation. This relief will be located in the imperial gallery and will become a permanent feature of the Moët & Chandon cellars.

Collection Impériale Création No 1, Moët & Chandon, €240.

Collection Impériale Création No 1, Moët & Chandon, €240.


Collection Impériale Création No 1, Moët & Chandon, €240. Uber piece Daniel Arsham and Jeroboam Box, €25,000.


Michelin-starred chef Kelly Rangama serves up a pan-seared porcini mushroom with smoked and spiced beet relish and fresh walnuts.

Michelin-starred chef Kelly Rangama serves pan-seared porcini mushrooms with smoked and spicy beet relish and fresh walnuts.

© Alex Jonas

The historical and magical residence of the Mumm family has always remained closed to the public. Inspired by the tradition of artist houses, the hotel now hosts La Table des chefs, a culinary residency where the food world’s most innovative and avant-garde talents offer contemporary gastronomic experiences… After Mallory Gabsi and Florian Barbarot, star chef Kelly Rangama (Le Faham, Paris 17) . century) settled in Reims. Spicy cuisine, punctuated with exotic touches in memory of his youth spent on Reunion Island, evokes different Mumm wines here. “My team and I imagined a gastronomic menu dedicated to traveling in three, four and six rows. My goal was not to serve the same dishes as in my restaurant, but to find a part of my history through Champagne; “I wanted to work with toothfish, especially a white fish from the southern seas that my father cooked for me when I was little.” Immerse yourself in your culinary adventure: scallop carpaccio, lychee leaves, pan-fried porcini mushrooms, smoked beets and fresh walnuts as condiment…

Enjoying with Mumm Cordon Rosé Vintage.

To enjoy the Mumm Cordon rosé vintage.

© Alex Jonas

La Table des Chefs, 31, Rue du Champ-de-Mars, Reims (51). Book at


Food Collective

Food Collective


Always on the lookout for gastronomic excitement, the Fooding collective returns in December with the final special dinner of the famous Priceless Soups Mastercard season. And rightfully so, the top three addresses in the 2024 guide come together to prepare a banquet of perfection between champagne and cocktails, served by Piper-Heidsieck. The brigades of Perpignan’s Manat and Bellevill’s Kissproof join Cheval d’or’s brigades in the kitchen to ensure a five-course dinner for eight, full of surprises such as the famous pannacotta, which resembles a caramel flan.

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A mix of seasonal vegetables (Jerusalem artichokes, kohlrabi and mushrooms) topped with herb jelly and hazelnut butter, which goes wonderfully with the La Grande Dame 2015 vintage.

A mixture of seasonal vegetables (Jerusalem artichokes, kohlrabi and mushrooms) is topped with herb jelly and hazelnut paste, which suits the La Grande Dame 2015 vintage wonderfully.


What if, to create a plant-based gastronomy, vegetables, herbs and fresh fruit became the stars at the heart of the plate, leaving fish, meat and eggs to play the role of condiments? This is the bet launched by the house of Veuve Clicquot on a dozen chefs around the world, including the 3-star Emmanuel Renaut (below) at Les Flocons de sel. The challenge: to create an extraordinary pairing around the Grande Dame de Veuve Clicquot 2015 vintage model with the new signature plate “Around forests, meadows and gardens”, available until the end of March 2024.

Emmanuel Renaut

Emmanuel Renaut

© Martin Colombet

Salt flakes, 1775, route du Leutaz, Megève (74).

Sleeping Among the Vines

A comfortable stay in the Alexandre Bonnet estate.

A comfortable stay at the Alexandre Bonnet estate.


On the borders of the Côte des Bars, Champagne’s most preserved vineyard, right in the heart of the 47 hectares of vineyards on the estate of Alexandre Bonnet, a small house that is as attractive as it is ecological has been built. responsible. . This cozy little nest promises a stay disconnected from the rest of the world, with breathtaking views of the vineyards, a snack basket and a king-sized breakfast. Of course, it is far from the noise and chaos of the city, but it is an experience close to the winegrowers of the Alexandre Bonnet estate, who share their passion for wine with their guests, giving a grand tour of the vineyards, cellars and wine tasting. the estate’s champagnes.

Royal cuvée!

Cuvée Joséphine, a tribute to Joseph Perrier's much-loved daughter

Cuvée Joséphine, tribute to Joseph Perrier’s beloved daughter

© DR ​

Founded in 1825, Joseph Perrier House was founded by Queen Victoria of England and her son Edward VII. His 11th opus is released in the 2014 vintage. An elegant and complex champagne with aromas of hazelnuts and aromas of ripe and juicy pears, unless you choose to leave it in the cellar for about fifteen years to reveal a riper aroma, a more subtle effervescence and a more amber colour.

€143 at


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