Clear cut of hospitals in Germany: “Closures threaten lives and weaken communities”

According to a recent survey, this year in Germany 22 hospitals must close for economic reasons. Nearly a hundred others are currently at risk of closing their doors, the Clinic Rescue Alliance announced Tuesday.

At most affected by closures are therefore houses in rural areas. Closures are most numerous in North Rhine-Westphalia, followed by Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate.

The alliance, which includes a number of regional initiatives, fears medical undersupply in the country. Closures threaten human lives and weaken communities, said Jorinde Schulz of the group Commons in the Hands of Citizens.

Privatization of the system

“Clearcutting in hospitals is endemic. » This is a consequence of the privatization of the system. Some hospitals make “billions in profits each year”THE But basic services are “saved together”“, criticized Schulz.

Clearcutting of hospitals is commonplace.

Jorinde Schulz of the group “Common goods in the hands of citizens”

According to the alliance, there have been some since 2020 66 hospital closures, which affected 5,400 employees. The reasons include “public underfunding and poor financing,” which favors large, highly specialized private clinics.

Through the controversial package per caseunder which hospitals charge a flat rate for medical services based on a fixed key, they could focus on profitable sectors like orthopedics or cardiology.

Small houses in rural areas on the other hand, they should provide less lucrative basic and emergency care and would therefore systematically be in a worse situation.

The alliance requires, among other things: End of package per caseAlso Ban on returns for hospitals. Houses threatened with closure should be removed benefit from immediate financial assistancein order to achieve a “restoration of comprehensive emergency care for hospitalized patients”. Otherwise, “clinic deaths will continue,” warned the Clinic Rescue Alliance.

Federal Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach (SPD) had already announced this summer that the package per case would be part of a Hospital reform want to restrict.

According to the alliance’s tally, there are a total of 1,893 hospitals in Germany, 21 percent fewer than 30 years ago. The number of beds fell by almost 30 percent during the same period. The number of patients, on the other hand, has increased slightly to now reach 16.8 million per year. (AFP)

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