Coronavirus: Karl Lauterbach advises working from home and wearing a mask on buses and trains

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has once again urged the population to be particularly careful in the run-up to Christmas to protect themselves against corona infection. “Corona remains dangerous. It is not a cold that can be caught safely in every season,” Lauterbach said. Photo Sunday. “On the contrary, Corona often also affects the blood vessels or weakens the immune system and therefore far too often cannot be completely cured.”

Lauterbach called on people to “get vaccinated as quickly as possible in the coming days – ideally against flu and corona at the same time.” Everyone should “wear a mask again” on buses and trains, the minister said. He also advises avoiding indoor Christmas parties.

Those who have the opportunity should stay in their home office and not work in the office, Lauterbach added. He also recommended “when in doubt” a rapid coronavirus test “before meeting elderly and sick people”.

Last week, after a round table bringing together around 30 representatives from science, medicine and health care, Lauterbach warned about Long Covid that people with risk factors, especially the elderly, should be vaccinate due to the increasing number of infections. He found it disappointing that so far only three million people have taken advantage of the offer of vaccination against Covid with new adapted preparations. The danger is currently underestimated in Germany.

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