Cosmetics: your nights are more beautiful than your days

Audrey Hepburn Diamonds on the Couch. Magnificence Movies

Sleeping better means aging slower. Especially when beauty treatments focus on cellular regeneration during sleep and aromatherapy rituals aim to create an atmosphere that facilitates falling asleep.

Listening to well-known models and actresses, the only valid beauty secret would be a good night’s sleep (preferably scented with Chanel No. 5 for Marilyn). At least eight hours. And cosmetology researchers make this point by showing the effects of fatigue on the epidermis: It will only take one night, a little too short, for moisture to decrease, dark circles to deepen, fine lines to appear. the circadian rhythm is completely out of sync.

During the day, our skin is exposed to many stresses, ultraviolet rays, pollution, dust, etc. is exposed. It strengthens its barrier by using its antioxidant reserves to protect itself and by promoting melanin synthesis. It also produces a protective layer of sebum, and the secretion reaches its peak in the middle of the day. On the contrary, while we rest at night, the skin will take action and ensure cell renewal and repair.Doctor Catherine explains…

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