Discover the best post-preparation business schools of 2024 according to Le Figaro

When Ulysse received her results from the business school competition a few months ago, she didn’t hesitate for a moment. The 20-year-old student, who was brilliantly accepted into the HEC, Essec and ESCP and completed the ECG preparatory class (general economic and business) at the Lycée Louis-le-Grand in Paris, reasoned as if it were obvious: “I didn’t ask myself any questions because this is the best business school in France and even in the world.”simply analyzing.

Post-preparatory schools came to the fore

This is much the same observation that the magazine’s editorial staff made again this year. Student of Figaro, this 2024 business school rankings are in a new format. New post-preparation schools are now classified separately from schools accessible after the bachelor’s degree in Parcoursup. This approach is explained by the desire to highlight the quality of teaching in preparatory classes. These courses of excellence, which are in danger of dwindling in numbers due to the proliferation of other access routes, should be encouraged.

HEC is invincible

At the top of the business school rankings, HEC appears more than ever as the best business school in France. Like Ulysses, students too Figaro to come to this conclusion. This year, choosing between HEC and another business school after the ECB competition (common test bank), without exception everyone chose Jouy-en-Josas in Yvelines. If the school attracts the best, its output results are also impressive: twice as many CAC 40 senior executives and successful French start-up founders as any other business school. According to the latest international master’s degree rankings in business management, this hegemony extends even beyond our borders. Finance Times and QS.

European model in ESCP

If Essec maintains second place ahead of ESCP, the latter is gaining ground by fully playing the European model card thanks to its campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Turin and Warsaw. This allows it to attract many foreign students, the majority of whom are now in the Grande Ecole program. He continues to convince French students, the vast majority of whom prefer his rival Cergy-Pontoise.

Student Figaro This year he couldn’t decide between Edhec and EM Lyon. After a difficult period with the change of legal status and the warning of the management education and diploma evaluation commission, this commission restored the validity of the master’s degree for (maximum) 5 years. The construction of the New Lyon campus will also give it new life. If Edhec favors candidates for the ECB competition and a significantly higher exit salary, EM Lyon maintains its own success thanks to the quality of its research, particularly reflected in its latest Shanghai ranking in management and business.

Return of Audencia

Edhec’s general manager, Emmanuel Mallais, is very pleased with this fourth place: “The strength of the school’s economic model, which ensures excellent teaching and continuous investment in innovation, the quality of its careers service and the opportunities offered in terms of entrepreneurship are all assets that allow us to make a difference.”he elaborates.

The 2024 rankings are also notable for Audencia’s return to the top 10. The Nantes school rose to ninth place, just ahead of Grenoble EM. “We are pleased with this progress,” says Nicolas Arnaud, Audencia’s program director. This is in line with the progress we have made in international rankings in recent months, particularly in the top 30 in the world rankings. Finance Times It takes into account the quality of graduates’ professional integration, their satisfaction, our social commitment and academic excellence, regardless of the financial strength of the institutions.

Quality labels

The top ten schools recognized this year share a certain number of quality guarantees. In both cases, for maximum duration in both cases, they were all awarded a master’s degree by the Government, as well as the elusive Equis label by the EFMD, an independent non-profit organisation. They offer their students academic exchanges with a large number of accredited academic partners worldwide (Neoma has 223 partners). A significant number of its professors have PhDs abroad (for Skema, this ratio is almost two-thirds). Small companies such as AMS Conseil et Marketing Méditerranée in Kedge, which has been among the 30 winners of the National Confederation of Young Enterprises for several years, are dynamic. Finally, they nurture a vast alumni network of more than 50,000 people each connected to LinkedIn.

■ Methodology

The 23 postgraduate degree-granting business schools listed by Le Figaro Étudiant were evaluated on their academic level, international outlook and the employability or professional success of their graduates.


We took into account: state recognition, accreditations, attractiveness to preparatory students, academic level of students and scientific publications of teachers.


Retained: share of international students, graduates who found their first job outside France, teachers with high-level training abroad, accredited international academic partners and presence in international rankings.


We observed: the rate of salary and permanent contract at exit, the performance of small companies, the size of the alumni network, as well as the number of CAC 40 on executive committees or have achieved success by establishing a start-up.

Data sources and method of calculating scores are presented below. Detailed methodology for ranking business schools.

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