Driver, you need to check this out. Otherwise you will be in trouble

In the near future, many drivers will be checking information regarding the emission standards assigned to their vehicles. In Polish cities (eg. Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław) appears clean transport zoneswhere not all vehicles will be able to enter.

The system operates automatically, according to an algorithm based primarily on the vehicle’s year of manufacture. According to, an identical one-year-old car can have up to three different emission standards.

CEPiK. Emission standards. How to check?

Via the mObywatel application or the website. You can also read the car owner’s manual, contact the service center of a particular brand, or search for information, for example, on online forums. In the latter case, however, you must be careful because not all the information there must necessarily be true.

CEPiK. How to change the emission standard?

If our vehicle has an incorrectly assigned standard, we must intervene by going to the office, in particular the transport department where the car is registered. You must have the appropriate documents with you: EC certificates of conformity, individual vehicle approvals, decisions relating to the recognition of individual vehicle approvals, individual EC vehicle approval certificates.

Unfortunately, most car owners do not have such documents with them. In such a situation, please contact the manufacturer’s representative (e.g. the nearest showroom). Duplicates of these documents must be issued to us, but not necessarily free of charge.

What is the penalty in the event of an incorrectly entered standard?

If we enter clean transport zones with a car that does not meet the required exhaust emission standards, we will be subject to a fine of PLN 500.

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