ECB and Fed decisions predict a small respite with Euribor

Everyone was attentive to the decisions taken by both the European Central Bank (ECB) as Federal Reserve have made known in recent hours the monetary policy used to control inflation.

The organization chaired by Christine Lagarde decided to keep the brakes and, for the second consecutive meeting, he chose to keep interest rates at 4.5%.

An announcement with the price of silver similar to that announced by the Federal Reserve this Wednesday and which has already been noted with the euriborwhich is generally used monthly as a reference for the calculation of most mortgages in Spain.

The good news with the Fed

The best news came in the last few hours, after the Federal Reserve announced that it would keep interest rates at 5.5% for a few more weeks.

A decision which had a direct effect on the 12-month Euribor. This Thursday fell to 3.719% of its daily ratewhich represents its lowest record since April 13, when it stood at 3.718%.

So far in December, the index, which serves as a benchmark for the majority of variable rate mortgages in Spain, records an average of 3.764%.

It should be noted that Euribor is an indicator of the interest that entities charge on interbank loans, so it also serves to measure expectations regarding the rate decisions of the European Central Bank (ECB).

Which, after verifying that the body chaired by Christine Lagarde opted for the same decision, suggests that there could be a small respite for mortgage loans.

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