Ece Ronay detained: here’s why

Ece Ronay was arrested on the grounds that she had her ex-husband Mehmet Bilir’s workplace destroyed by gunfire. During the operation in which special operations police also participated, automatic weapons and pistols were also seized.

Social media phenomenon that comes up from time to time on various topics Ece RonayThis time he stood out because he was arrested in an operation in which the special operations police also participated. Ronay, who runs a beauty center and works on social networks, His ex-wife’s workplace was destroyed is accused. In the meantime; Just a few weeks ago, a workplace owned by Ece Ronay was shot up.

Indeed, Ece Ronay has been on the agenda for a while because of her ex-husband Mehmet Bilir. In the past, by his ex-wife was beaten Ronay, who addressed the allegations about her, also claimed that she was disturbed even though they were divorced. What happened between the two? Unknown But this time, Ece Ronay seems to have attacked her ex-husband. At least that’s what the allegations against him are.

A total of 6 people were arrested

In the operation carried out by the organized crime branch of the Istanbul Police, in collaboration with Ece Ronay, a total of 6 persons He would have been arrested. Information was also provided that the other suspects in custody were minors. At Ece Ronay instigatorother suspects are considered shooters.


Some phenoms who fell in love with social media and were later accused of fraud: which one is in prison, which one is free?

One of the highlights of the operation is during raids concerning the weapons seized. According to the information obtained, in the searches carried out at the addresses of the suspects; automatic weapons, pistols, 58 cartridges and precision scales were seized. It has been learned that the investigation into the incident continues.

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