Epicon: architectural prowess in the desert

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Saudi megacity project Neom continues to develop. Here is Epicon, a complex dedicated to the hotel industry with its impressively shaped buildings.

It will obviously be a unique building and an Instagram spot followed by the whole world: Two towers in the shape of a hashtag (#) will rise in the futuristic area called Neom on the northern shore of the Gulf of Aqaba. Saudi Arabia. This hotel is immediately impressive on an architectural level, as its design is remarkable for its audacity and complexity.

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Especially at the level of the air bridge, which hangs delicately in the air. Its extraordinary thinness contrasts with the solidity of the towers, providing residents with 360-degree views that are arguably extraordinary. Epicon also includes a beachfront hotel complex as well as semi-buried beach villas.

Entrance of the hotel complex.


Designed by Hong Kong firm 10 Design, the building aims to push the boundaries of luxury hotels beyond architectural ostentation. With exceptional customer experience. We advertise an “ultra-premium” service and almost personalized attention for each client. Prices for neither the hotel nor the villas have been announced yet. But we expect very heavy things.

The complex also has restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, etc.  will also take place.

The complex also has restaurants, swimming pools, gyms, etc. will also take place.

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Although ambitious, Neom still sparks heated debate. The construction of The Line, a 170-kilometer-long linear city, poses serious environmental problems. Its establishment will disrupt the habitats of many endemic species. Also the residents. A tribe expropriated to free up land for working purposes saw some of its opponents sentenced to death. Very expensive payments were made for a fatal project.

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