EU leaders agree to start accession talks with Ukraine

The door opens; the leaders of the European Union They accepted start accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova. The agreement was not guaranteed since Hungary arrived at the summit rejecting military and financial support measures for kyiv, in addition to the decision itself to open negotiations. But finally, Orbán’s blockade has been overcome.

The manner in which the Hungarian veto was circumvented is unprecedented. The decision had to be unanimous, so a vote against Viktor Orbán would have defeated the green light at the start of accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova. However, The Hungarian Prime Minister was absent from the vote. Community sources consulted by Europe Press confirmed that Orbán he left the room “momentarily”by executing like this an unprecedented “arranged” tactic. Subsequently, Orbán himself explained that “Hungary does not want to participate in a bad decision.”

The European event before Christmas was called to become historic. And so it was. Both countries applied to join the EU following Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February 2022 and were granted candidate status in June that year. NOW, a new stage begins in which Ukraine and Moldova will have to embark on the path to meeting political and economic demands which allows them become future members of the European Union.

The President of the European Council, Charles-Michelannounced the decision on its account of the social network X (formerly Twitter): “The European Council has decided begin accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova.

A few minutes after learning the news, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyalso celebrated in X the decision of the European Council: “Victory for Ukraine. The victory of all Europe. A victory that motivates, inspires and strengthens.

Then, in another message, the Ukrainian president He thanked “all those who worked to make this happen and to everyone who helped. I congratulate all Ukrainians on this day.”

Zelensky added in this regard that “History is made by those who never tire of fighting for freedom” and said: “I also congratulate Moldova and personally Maia Sandu (the Moldovan president).”

For its part, Charles-Michel reported that also “Georgia has obtained candidate status. and the EU will begin negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina once the necessary degree of compliance with membership criteria and invited the committee to report before March with a view to making such a decision.

According to the President of the European Council, these decisions represent “a clear sign of hope for its people and for our continent.

Von der Leyen: “A day that will remain engraved in the history of the EU”

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyenunderlined, also on the social network a day which will remain engraved in the history of our Union.

Furthermore, von der Leyen assured that he was “proud to have kept our promises and delighted by our partners.

Likewise, the head of European diplomacy and vice-president of the European Commission, Joseph Borrellemphasized that “today we give a historic step towards a stronger European family starting negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova, granting candidate status to Georgia and opening negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina once the necessary degree of compliance with the accession criteria is achieved.

“The European Council’s decision demonstrates the commitment and dedication of our partners to our shared values ​​and EU reforms. This is an important step towards a united, prosperous and stable Europe.. Let’s build a stronger future together! » added Borrell.

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