Europe gives 2.3 million euros for the tunnel that wants to connect Spain and Morocco

The Spanish Study Company for Fixed Communications across the Strait of Gibraltar (Secegsa), the Spanish public company that manages the tunnel project that would connect Spain and Morocco across the Strait of Gibraltar, has just received an allocation of 2.3 million euros through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, the Spanish strategy to channel European Union funds towards reforms and investments that build a more sustainable future, as outlined Debate.

The dream of building a tunnel linking Spain and Morocco had remained in a drawer for forty years, but governments on both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar reaffirmed their interest in its reactivation during the high-level meeting held in Rabat early 2023. In 1979, when the two countries’ interest in this fixed link was first put on paper, the project was constantly studied, although with reservations due to its technical complexity and high cost .

After the signing of a joint declaration between Hassan II and Juan Carlos I in 1980 to promote its study, two public companies were created, SNED on the Moroccan side and Secegsa on the Spanish side. Despite the many millions spent since the 1980s, no progress has been made in construction, even if the entity’s corporate purpose is limited to carrying out studies and not work.

The former Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, expressed a few months ago the importance of relaunching a project of great geostrategic importance for both countries and for relations between the Europe and Africa.

During the 43rd meeting of the Spanish-Moroccan Committee, it was agreed to establish a work plan for the next three years, including the feasibility analysis of the construction of a reconnaissance gallery which could be used to identify the geomechanical characteristics and, possibly, for telecommunications.

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