Fat-burning vegetables to avoid gaining weight at Christmas

Monday December 11, 2023, 10:51 a.m.

Aunque el otro día ya te contabámos de los mejores mejores para preparar nuestro cuerpo de cara a los excesos navideños, queando se trata de las ‘comilonas’ de estas fechas, nunca hay hay sucientes consejos para intentar que el coerpo (y la silueta) sufra the least possible. We are not talking about extreme diets that do not allow you to enjoy yourself, these dates are to be enjoyed – yes, in moderation -.

Therefore, you should keep a few guidelines in mind so that one of your New Year’s resolutions is not to “lose all the weight I have gained since December 20.”

Even though it’s sometimes difficult, you have to know how to say no. Save yourself for special occasions and be careful with alcohol, as they are empty calories. However, certain foods can become your allies in burning fat. In this case, the vegetables. We have selected those that you surely have at home and that will help you lose fluids, burn fat and speed up the metabolic process. It’s not magic, but they help.

artichokes: Due to their diuretic effect and low caloric intake, it is a rich and satisfying vegetable, perfect as a starter or side dish.

Asparagus: Like artichokes, they also have a powerful diuretic effect and a high fiber content.

Chard and spinach: It may not be the most appetizing Christmas dish, but their properties improve intestinal transit.

Leeks, celery and cucumber: like the vegetables mentioned above, they are duratic, so they help eliminate accumulated liquids. Celery is perfect to serve as a raw vegetable, just like cucumber, very low in calories and containing 99% water.

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