Five energy thieves that are making your life harder

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    toxic people Having people around you who complain, who only share their problems, their fears and pass judgment on others is debilitating, a thief of energy that gradually takes away your positivity. Be careful and don’t let yourself be carried away by these people, who obviously are not even aware that they are hurting you and who are only looking to vent and have a shoulder on which to express their frustrations and regrets, but we we are not a bucket of tears, this container is It can overflow, it weighs us down and takes away our energy. Identify these people and keep a safe distance to avoid being affected by their personal worldview.

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    The disorder We are not going to be as methodical as Marie Kondo but she is right about several things, the first is that the disorder around you causes a dispersion of your mind and small leaks of energy, the second is that if you find yourself alone with which you produce pleasure or happiness, you will feel better and you will have succeeded in dynamiting the attachment that we often have on elements that we really do not need or that limit us. A tidy house, a clear work table and everything in its place increases concentration, well-being and calm. Get rid of everything you don’t really need or like that you’ve been carrying around for a long time, you’ll see what a liberation.

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    Not knowing how to say NO Assertiveness is a social skill that few people cultivate and which wastes considerable energy if not practiced. Communicating what you want clearly and respectfully is a right that puts your needs first as long as you don’t harm anyone. By this we mean that it is important to know how to say NO, that this weekend you want to rest and you do not want to go to that family reunion, you must clarify your ideas or go to the cinema before going to this engagement with friends… learn not to overload yourself and to be honest with yourself, so your energy will be renewed and you will feel much freer and happier.

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    Not allowing you to stop Taking care of yourself is something that women sometimes leave last and yet it is very important to maintain a happy and balanced environment. When you stop, look inward, and analyze what you are feeling in each moment, you can clearly see the needs that you are not meeting and that are causing your energy to leak and everything around you to change. If you treat yourself, take care of yourself, pamper yourself and, above all, if you listen to yourself, you will be able to live with more harmony and joy. You don’t have to achieve everything, we are not machines, we are perfect in our imperfection, don’t demand so much of yourself because you would be unfair to yourself.

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    Do not accept Acceptance is something that can be difficult if we don’t stop to look at the specific situation head on. Resisting a problem or adversity only leads to more pain, stiffness and anxiety. Not accepting things takes a lot of life energy, it is not the same as quitting, if you accept failure in life instead of fighting against it (if you know that absolutely nothing can be changed) you will gain health. and vitality. Learn to distinguish between what you can change and what is worth fighting for, and situations where change is impossible and where, no matter how painful, being angry or clinging to the past doesn’t work. causes you harm and therefore takes the course. vital energy. Choose your battles wisely.

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