For the holidays, Christofle reinvents tableware

As the end of the year holiday approaches, christofle Works with model and creator Gabrielle Causenil Pozzoli To dream of the most beautiful table where you will host your loved ones. So Vogue had the opportunity to sneak into his Paris apartment to chat with him during the final preparations.

Gabrielle Causenil Pozzoli She chose a long burgundy dress that highlighted her round belly due to her second pregnancy and went well with her table of warm tones. These match perfectly with the cold texture of the silver cutlery christofleits brightness becomes stronger. “She never understood the magic of year-end celebrations,” the model says as she arranges the final decorations on the tree. This didn’t work on him. Until she became a mother for the first time. Since then, this period has become of great importance for him. He then does everything possible to give his son the best memories. Probably why he joined forces christofleBabylone collection brings together jewelry and tableware. Among the generously rounded shapes and alleged purity, the objects imagined with Mademoiselle Aurélie Bidermann offer for flat Gabriella A completely new spirit, decidedly festive.

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