France’s ‘Christmas bonus’: Who is eligible and how does it work?

Two million people will be given Christmas ‘bonuses’ in France Christmas bonusIt is a payment made every year since 1998. Here’s how to find out if you’re eligible and how it works.

As it is known, ‘Christmas bonus’ is officially called ‘Christmas bonus’.extraordinary year-end bonus‘ (one-off year-end bonus).

The minimum amount changes every year and in 2022 it was 152.45 euros for a single person living alone and without children.

When will it be paid?

Payments are made in December, usually in the middle of the month.

In 2023, payments will be made starting from December 15.

If you only start receiving certain benefits that qualify you for payments in December, the payment will be made in January of the following year.

How is payment made?

Payment is made via automatic bank transfer to eligible accounts after conditional checks are completed. No need to apply family allowance (CAF).

Who is eligible?

This benefit is paid to certain recipients who receive at least one of the following benefits:

  • Solidarity labor income (RSA)
  • Special solidarity allowance (ASS)
  • Retirement equivalent benefit (AER)

In addition, people who benefit from the new job aid can also benefit (Help with starting and taking over a business (ACRE-ASS)) and recipients temporary solidarity bonus (PTS).

How much is the payment amount?

This amount depends on how many people make up the household (only one payment is made per household), i.e. how many adults and children there are in the household.

The figures below are an estimate for 2023; The exact amount will depend on your specific circumstances.

  • If you are a single person without children: €152.45
  • If you live with your partner and have no children or if you live alone with one child: € 228.67
  • If you live with your partner and have one child or if you live alone and have two children: €274.41
  • If you live with your partner and two children: €320.14
  • If you live alone with three children: €335.39.
  • If you are a couple with three children: € 381.12
  • If you live alone with four children: € 396.37
  • If you are a couple with four children: €442.10
  • If you are alone with five children: €457.35
  • For each additional person: €60.98

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