Frank Gehry: “We want to bring art to the commercial world with the Arnaults”

In his workshop in Los Angeles, Frank Gehry creates limited edition bags, priced between 10,000 and 32,000 euros, to be ordered in Louis Vuitton stores. Louis Vuitton Malletier – Mario Kroes

Nothing can ever stop him. The 94-year-old American-Canadian went from very large to very small with custom-made objects for Louis Vuitton, which debut at Art Basel Miami Beach today. He speaks to us as both an architect and a musician; This passion introduced him to the Arnault couple.

Frank Gehry, architect of the Louis-Vuitton Foundation in Paris, a revolutionary glass vessel celebrating French culture, is making his debut at Art Basel Miami Beach, the transatlantic version of the historic Swiss fair, with LVMH, the world’s number one luxury brand. After Paris, head to the Convention Center beneath Florida’s coconut palms for the namesake, now the fair’s global affiliate partner, for a second year at the temporary Grand Palais in October, from December 6 to 11. .

American-Canadian Frank Gehry showcases his collaboration with the brand in an environment designed for him: meticulous models and vibrant and sultry line drawings, like those of the Louis-Vuitton Foundation in Paris (opened in 2014) or the boutique in Seoul, South Korea (2019 opened in). But at the same time, her new objects, perfume bottles and ten bags that highlight her world, from architecture to animals and iconic materials, are sold in limited editions…

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