Free public transportation for students in Manisa Yunusemre!

Turkish municipalities that offer free programs to students attract attention and are appreciated for their support of education. The latest example came from the municipality of Manisa Yunusemre. The request from the municipality, which offers free transportation to university students, met with strong demand from students from the first day.

With this application, aimed at students staying at KYK Ayşe Hafsa Sultan Male Student Dormitory in Muradiye and studying at Manisa CBÜ Muradiye Campus, students had to pay full tickets for a short distance. With free transport, this expense incurred by students has been completely eliminated.

A free transportation service has been launched by Yunusemre Municipality for students studying at Manisa CBÜ Muradiye Campus. Nearly a thousand students benefited from the trips made on the first day on the road between the KYK dormitory and the campus.


Yunusemre Municipality provided free transportation to students staying at KYK Ayşe Hafsa Sultan Men’s Dormitory in Muradiye and studying at Manisa CBÜ Muradiye Campus. More than a thousand students benefited from this service on the first day, offered to students who paid the full price for short distances. Students have shown great interest in the transportation services, which are provided at certain intervals per day with 65-passenger buses. Flights begin with 5 circuits between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and continue between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. and between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. These trips are specially organized for students staying at KYK Ayşe Hafsa Sultan Male Student Dormitory; It continues from KYK Dormitory to Muradiye Campus and from Muradiye Campus to KYK Dormitory.

Yunusemre Mayor Dr. made a statement on the matter and noted that they are doing their best to raise the living standards of students entrusted to Yunusemre. Mehmet Çerçi, “Our AK MKYK Party Member and Manisa MP Ahmet Mücahit Arınç, our Manisa Governor Enver Ünlü, our Manisa Rector CBÜ Prof. Dr. Rana Kibar, “What can we do with the means we have”, in accordance with the consultations we held with our Manisa Provincial Youth Sports Director Yunus Öztürk and the requests of our students? We discussed the matter. As Yunusemre Municipality, we launched such a study in order to save our brothers and sisters who continue their studies in difficult conditions, at least from travel expenses. From what we can see, interest is intense. This service will continue throughout the academic year. University students are very valuable to us. “They are our near future.” said.

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