Gestilar enters the league of major developers: it will build 1,000 housing units in 2024

Promoter Gesture He will enter the league of major promoters next year. The company of Madrid origin born in the heat of the recovery of the real estate sector after the bubble will deliver, in 2024, 1,000 housing units, exceeding the 800 with which this year will end. “2023 and 2024 will be special and unique years,” he says Raul GuerreroCEO of Gestilar, in an interview with Assets. The promoter recognizes that Its “cruising speed” is to deliver between 300 and 400 domain residential per year. “Delivering 1,000 houses per year is not a level of activity that we will maintain in the years to come. From 2025, we hope to return to our normal production,” explains the manager.

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