Good news for students, parents and teachers! Time change in schools, application of winter time…

Good news for students, parents and teachers! Time change in schools, application of winter time… The attack on a 4th grade student by stray dogs in Keçiören, Ankara, has once again sparked discussions about the application of winter time in schools.

In the statement made by the father of the attacked child, he said: “Today it happens to my child, tomorrow it happens to your child. This won’t stop. Recently, I went to work in the morning. They attacked 3 children in the morning. Is it possible to go to school at this time in the morning? They even attacked me. I was scared. Doctors say his condition is critical. “He reacted by saying that the children went to school before dark in the morning.


After the stray dog ​​attack, millions of parents shared images of their children heading to school before dawn and called the Ministry of Education to demand an end to the situation. Stating that their children’s lives were in danger, the parents demanded an end to Turkey’s mandatory winter time and a return to winter time, with summer time put into practice.


Following the latest painful incident, it was reported that school entry and exit times for children throughout Turkey could be adapted according to the summer and winter periods, and that a special study had was carried out by the Ministry of Education on the subject. In the study in question, students’ entry and exit times will be moved forward or backward depending on the season, or class schedules will be modified.

Alternative options such as reducing students’ time at school by introducing block lessons, shortening recess times and lesson periods will also be on the table. It says requests that had not previously been accepted by the Department of Education came back on the table after the latest dog attack, and the decision could change depending on feedback.

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