Google is developing a special assistant for Pixel phones: Pixie

Google is claimed to be working on a new AI-based assistant called Pixie. The assistant, which would be exclusive to Pixel phones, will have advanced features.

American tech giant Google recently launched Gemini, its artificial intelligence-based technology that rivals ChatGPT. announcement. Latest news: Google technologies based on Gemini coming soon clever on the phones He also reveals what it will bring. According to several sources, Google Pixel phones will be released in the coming period.elfThey will have a special assistant based on artificial intelligence called “.

Pixie, in its simplest form, is much more powerful than Google Assistant. an advanced version. According to sources, this AI-based assistant will use data from Google services like Gmail and Maps and make your life easier. However, there are also rumors that Pixie can take on very complicated functions. For example, you took a photo and you want to purchase a product in the photo. Pixie is where you can purchase this product based on your location. nearest location will share with you.

Pixie could launch with Google Pixel 9

Although Google has not made any statement regarding Pixie, third-party sources indicate that the AI-backed chatbot Google Pixel 9 and since the Google Pixel 9 Pro they say it can be integrated into phones. GOOD Google Assistant what’s going to happen ?


“Gemini Pro”, the advanced and paid version of Google Gemini, has been announced

Google Assistant has already lost popularity. Google even announced that its help desk was powered by Bard. New version also announced. Besides, we already know that this will not be exclusive to Pixel phones. However, this is not the case for Pixie. According to our sources, Pixie, Exclusive for Pixel phones It will reach users as an AI-based assistant. Some sources claim that this assistant could also be used on devices such as watches.

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