Hair: Lady Gaga succumbed to one of the haircuts that will mark 2024 – Elle

Published December 15, 2023 at 10:48.

Lady Gaga Р©Mirador Sthanlee B./SPUS/ABACA

At the premiere of the movie Maestro, Lady Gaga appeared with one of the hairstyles that we will see on everyone’s head in 2024.

Lady Gaga is a true hair chameleon. XXL hair, shaggy cut, tapered bangs, bob or mullet, the singer stops at nothing when it comes to switching up her style. While she’s been spotted with a shaggy cut on the streets of New York lately, she’s recently fallen in love with a completely different style: the long bob. Lady Gaga, who came to support her friend Bradley Cooper, revealed her new hairstyle at the premiere of the movie Maestro in Los Angeles on December 12.



A timeless cut

The long bob, also called the “lob”, is attractive because of its practicality. It adapts to any style, regardless of the nature of the hair, and requires much less maintenance than the classic bob. If Lady Gaga has succumbed to this cut in the past, it’s definitely a vintage version that she showcases on the red carpet. With a side parting, arctic blonde and inward waves, the singer took us back decades. Of course, if you want to adopt this extremely trendy haircut, it would be better to choose a straight or wavy blow dry for a much more modern look.

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