Health is committed to expanding “smoke-free” spaces, even if it will analyze “each case”

The Minister of Health, Mónica García, is committed to “taking out of the drawer” the draft Comprehensive Plan for the Prevention and Control of Smoking, maintaining the expansion of “tobacco-free” spaces envisaged in the said document, even if she clarified that “each case must be examined”.

“The first step is to take it out of the drawer. We must return to it because we cannot turn our backs on the only measure that can offer more years of life and a better quality of life to the population, which is those who smoke”, declared García, in the framework of a meeting with the media took place this Monday at the Ministry of Health.

Asked about the expansion of smoke-free spaces, García spoke in favor of maintaining them as outlined in the report, although she acknowledged that “each of the cases and hypotheses will have to be examined.”

“It is true that even if there are certain projects that are in the drawers and waiting to be published, we are going to examine them and we are going to talk to everyone who is affected and to everyone who has something to say on this subject. But always putting health at the center and, of course, that of minors as well,” García added.

In addition, he highlighted the need for “the generations to come, in one way or another, to be tobacco-free”, which is why he recalled the importance of including in this plan the regulation of devices vaping. “We are also firmly committed to these recommendations to limit and regulate both new vapers and the new addictions of new generations,” he said.

Finally, the new Secretary of State for Health, Javier Padilla, explained the difference between conventional vapes and disposable ones, highlighting the broad European consensus on the regulation of the latter, given their strong ecological impact.

“Disposable vapes are a very specific type of vape which, in addition, has an amplified environmental impact, and with this there is a growing consensus throughout Europe that there are more restrictive measures than in relation to others,” assured.

“Conventional vapers must indeed begin to be integrated into the legislative framework, but on an equal footing with the rest of tobacco-derived products,” he defended.

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