Hearing aid and dementia study withdrawn

Age-related hearing problems increase the risk of dementia, but the benefits of hearing aids are unclear.
Image: dpa

A study on the risk of dementia in people with hearing loss was withdrawn because, according to the journal The Lancet Public Health, there were errors in the data analysis.

DThe journal “The Lancet Public Health” withdrew a study published in April and also taken up by FAZ.NET, which focused on the prevention of dementia in elderly people using hearing aids. The authors of the publication admitted at the end of November that the data had been mixed during the evaluation, which had resulted in “false and misleading results and conclusions”, as the journal announced on Wednesday. The errors were discovered after other scientists attempted to replicate the study’s results.

The research team led by Dongshan Zhu of Shandong University in Jinan, China, reported in the study that people with hearing loss who do not wear hearing aids have a 42% higher risk of dementia than those who do not wear hearing aids. people without hearing loss. However, if people with hearing loss wear hearing aids, the risk is the same as for people with normal hearing, researchers explain in the now-discontinued study.

It has long been known and recognized in specialist circles that age-related hearing loss significantly increases the risk of dementia.

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