Hikers in orange vests to avoid being shot by hunters

French hunters have launched an initiative in the Somme with the aim of helping to improve relations between their sector and citizens, while advancing the security of the natural environment.

This is a campaign through which they will distribute a thousand orange vests – the clothing most used by them to be visible in the middle of the forest and avoid “friendly fire” -, according to the magazine. Jara and Sedal.

Precisely, it is a type of safety clothing that hunters use, but which does not have this degree of implantation in other segments of society. Hikers and hikers often opt for comfortable sports clothing, but not always with bright colors that help identify them.

And six thousand breathalyzers

This initiative has the support of the Somme Departmental Council, but it is not the only one that hunters will support. Some six thousand breathalyzers will also be distributed among them to show that they respect the rule which prohibits them from going hunting after consuming alcohol.

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