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Too much glitter makeup? Wrong idea! If we don’t yet dare to apply sparkle to daily life, we use the end-of-year holiday as an excuse and apply it to the eyes or mouth as desired. Shiseido makeup ambassador Gregoris Pyrpylis gives us his advice on how to polish off our New Year’s Eve makeup.

5 commandments of glitter make-up

Rule 1: Choose the effect you want: retro, festive or even elegant and iridescent.

Rule 2: Choose the field you want to work in. “While the lip/eye combination is very editorial, it is difficult to execute in real life,” the makeup artist reminds us.

Rule 3: Choose a color that flatters our skin tone. “I would avoid greens or petrol blues. I prefer to play with intense red, carmine or pop pink glitters. Festive yet modern. »

Rule 4: Take your time looking for the glitter that will bring the desired effect. Small and ultra-bright in an “interstellar” style or larger and mirrored in a disco style.

Rule 5: Take your time… Precise movements, good tools and dexterity are essential to avoid the “disco ball” effect.

How to apply glitter makeup to eyes?

If we can happily turn to our most beautiful makeup palettes with a variety of glitter shadows, there is also an ultra-diverse glitter collection, from the subtlest to the most XXL. To implement? For the glitter to last, you need to make sure there is a setting agent (like a mist or gloss) on the eyelid. Then apply glitter with an angled brush. “For small, very fine and therefore light glitters, you can opt for an oil pencil, such as Shiseido’s Kajal InkArtist, which creates a tacky enough surface to hold the glitters,” advises Gregoris Pyrpylis.

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What about your mouth?

Two possibilities for two endings. Mix the glitter with a sheer gloss like Shiseido Crystal GelGloss. We either use a lipstick with a fairly oily texture so that the glitter sticks as much as possible.

How to achieve good harmony?

There are shine fixers. Professional advice? Never powder, even with a translucent powder, at the risk of losing its density. Number? Touch up with thermal water spray and let dry for a few minutes.

How to remove glitter makeup?

“It takes time… and a lot of cotton!” The makeup artist recommends using a gentle cleansing oil instead of micellar water. The oil facilitates the removal of pigments, fixatives and glitter.

Thanks to Gregoris Pyrpylis, Shiseido’s EMEA makeup ambassador.

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