How to assemble a computer at an affordable price?

You have decided to buy a computer, but your budget is limited. What steps should you take to get a system that is both affordable and meets your needs?

Assembling a computer is both enjoyable and stressful. Lots of details to pay attention to, too many options And there are many decisions to be made.

Additionally, when dealing with a limited budget, the task can become even more difficult. But don’t worry, it can be done in a few simple steps. Bringing together the best system at the most affordable price possible. Let’s start with what we need to pay attention to and understand how to best use our budget.

Let’s first decide: what do we need?

One of the biggest advantages of collecting computers is the choice of which computer we will collect. We can easily shape it according to our needs.. That’s why we need to define our needs very clearly before we start collecting computers.

If you mainly play games or have a professional job with high system requirements, you will have completely different needs. But if you say: “I will go there from time to time and play a few games so that I can do this and also complete my daily work without any problem”, the situation changes. You can even say, “I don’t have any games, just a system that will keep me comfortable and running smoothly for a few years.” Here is each of them will affect the process from start to finish things.

Of course, there is one important issue that shapes our needs: budget.

Prices for computer components are spread across a wide range. This means there are options for almost every need. But of course As the budget decreases, the color of the work changes.

For example, if you want a gaming computer and your budget is not very high By abandoning the graphics card and processor You have to put a system together. Of course, this narrows down your options. Especially since the prices of graphics cards are very high, the most critical choice is made at this stage. Likewise, processors being relatively expensive components, it is necessary to make a good choice at this stage.

But narrowing options isn’t always a bad thing. It’s partly the same thing when it comes to building computers. Because as the options decrease, the cart fills up quickly and your system is ready.

If we have solved these problems, let’s move on to the technical part: compatibility

When building computers The most common mistake here. Regardless of your budget, if you don’t collect a system made of compatible parts, it will be a big problem.

Let’s say you’re going to rebuild a gaming computer. At this point, the processor and graphics card should deliver the same level of performance. A less powerful processor accompanied by a powerful graphics card, you are experiencing performance issues that implies.

Or, with another example, let’s say your motherboard is an AMD compatible motherboard. You cannot install an Intel processor on this motherboard. Likewise, you need to choose a RAM that is compatible with your RAM slot… In order to avoid such compatibility issues which can be multiplied, you need to make your selections accordingly. good research You should do it with .

What will we need?

The materials we need when assembling a computer are as follows:

  • Processor
  • CPU cooler
  • motherboard
  • Display card
  • RAM
  • storage unit
  • Energy source
  • Until

Of course, this list will also come with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse if you don’t have one, but let’s leave those aside for now. Let’s take the example of the gaming computer again. Since the most important criterion will be a good graphics card, take a look at the products to see the options you can buy within your budget. You can make price and feature comparisons You will have to spend time on platforms like Akak├že.

But at this point, “I hope my graphics card is the best and we’ll look at the rest.” If you spend a large part of your budget on the graphics card, when it comes to the processor, you will have to buy a weak processor and you will not see the benefits of this graphics card. Therefore, at this stage, especially when choosing the graphics card and processor, You have to be balanced when it comes to your budget.

Another important point is the problem of power supply, which can be ignored. Not choosing the right diet This can cause problems that will damage your entire system. For this reason, you need to do good research and choose a diet that will not disappoint you. So it’s not an area where you can say, “I’m going to buy it cheap, so what?” In general, it will actually benefit you to have this attitude when making all your choices.

So where are we going to cut the money? How will we collect the most affordable system?

In fact, the general mistake made here is the one we mentioned above. Spend a lot of money on graphics card and processor. Of course, these are the most key components in terms of performance of the system you will be building, but they are also the options with the most options and a wide price range.

What you need to do is understand that the system that suits your budget is a whole and make a choice paying equal attention to all components. Instead of saying “I’ll get a great graphics card and let’s look at the rest” at the risk of reducing that Establishing a system will be the healthiest option.

After choosing all the products, you also need to decide on the platforms from which you will purchase these products. You can benefit from platforms where you can compare products and prices.; You can purchase the entire system at the most affordable price possible.

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