Introducing Intel Core Ultra: Will focus on artificial intelligence

Intel presented its new generation of mobile processors called Core Ultra. The chips are attracting attention with their lower power consumption and faster speed, as well as their focus on artificial intelligence.

AMD announced its new artificial intelligence chips last week. Now, a similar move has come from Intel. The tech giant announced the next-generation project, formerly known as “Meteor Lake,” during an event it hosted. Ultra Core officially presented its mobile processors.

New Core Ultra processors remove iconic “i” name, leaving Intel artificial intelligence computer He approaches his time with confidence. The new chips are also recorded as the company’s first processors with a neural processing unit (NPU) that accelerates artificial intelligence tasks.

Works faster while using less power than competitors

According to Intel’s statements, Core Ultra is a processor ahead of its competitors. Company says chips will be comparable to AMD’s Ryzen 78440U Uses up to 79% less energy States. Compared to Intel Core i7-1370p Consumes 25% less energy It is claimed.

It is also better than its competitors for multithreaded tasks. 11% faster It was also announced that . Among these competitors are processors such as AMD Ryzen 7 7840, Qualcoom Snapdragon 8cx, and Apple’s M3 silicon chip. No comparisons have been made to AMD’s new 8040 chips.

The Core Ultra series is the new Intel 4 It was developed using the (7nm) process. Other than that, the game has some improvements, but not many. Intel claims that the Ultra 7 165H can play Baldur’s Gate 3 twice as fast as the i7 1370P at medium graphics settings. He adds that Resident Evil Village is 95% faster than older Intel chips. Let’s not forget Intel Arc support.

Core Ultra will focus on artificial intelligence

As we said at the beginning, Core Ultra with NPU will meet. This ensures that the chips are focused on artificial intelligence. This allows it to perform many AI tasks, from blurring backgrounds to improving video lighting. It is also added that it can deliver up to 70% faster productive AI performance.

Core Ultra family, composed of more than 10 chips, Ultra 7 165H with 16 cores / 22 threads was carefully presented. Also stronger Ultra9 185H There is also. This processor, with slightly faster GPU performance, a maximum speed of 5.1 GHz and 16 cores/22 threads, won’t arrive until 2024.


AMD announces artificial intelligence-focused chips, saying they’re ‘better than NVIDIA and Intel’

Of course, as usual, the series will feature many less powerful processors that will be used in smaller devices. Finally, let’s say that the chips will first appear in new laptops from giant brands such as MSI, ASUS, Lenovo and Acer.

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