Israel says images of detained Palestinians ‘should not have been taken or broadcast’

Israel assured US authorities that images of Palestinians detained by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip “should not have been taken or broadcast” and that they were searching those people to ensure they “did not represent “no danger” to his forces, according to US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller.

“What we have been informed is that they are carrying out searches of people detained in Gaza to ensure that they are not wearing suicide vests, that they are not in possession of other weapons and that They pose no danger to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). “However, they made it clear to us that these photographs should not have been taken and should not have been published,” Miller said during the a press conference.

Furthermore, the Israeli authorities “made it clear” that they would no longer proceed in this manner and that, if they carried out more searches, they would return the objects “immediately”.

The UN called the images “disturbing”

These statements refer to images recorded by residents and journalists, and published by Palestinian media, which show dozens of detainees crowded together, stripped of most of their clothes, with their eyes covered and their hands tied.

In previous days, both Miller and the spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, Stéphane Dujarric, had expressed concern about the images, which they described as “disturbing.”

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