Lavender, the flower admired by perfumers, reinvents itself

The Romans were already using this plant to scent the bath and preserve laundry. Its use in perfume making has also been common in Provence since the Middle Ages, but the development of its cultivation actually began in the 19th century. It has since been produced in France and Bulgaria and is reserved for freshwater or ultra virile fougère deals. Today, new essences are shaking the codes of the man who smells of lavender.

Best regards, Pour un homme by Caron is the perfect masculine perfume based on lavender. Launched in 1934, it dared to combine vibrant, aromatic lavender with warm, amber vanilla for a sensual sensation. Ninety years later, keeping this legend alive without spoiling its origins is extremely dangerous.

Variations for men

A successful work by Caron perfumer Jean Jacques reveals two variations: Pour un homme by Caron Le Matin and Pour un homme by Caron Le Soir. The latter preserves the principle of duality that determines the original juice, mixing lavender with a woody harmony that envelops it with sweet accents, thanks, among other things, to natural oak wood extract from old cognac barrels.

For a man with Caron, 125 ml, €98.  For a man from Caron Le Matin, 125 ml, €108.  For a man from Caron Le Soir, 125 ml, €118.

For a man with Caron, 125 ml, €98. For a man from Caron Le Matin, 125 ml, €108. For a man from Caron Le Soir, 125 ml, €118.


To reinvent itself, lavender takes on floral and powdery accents with the Jersey from the Les Exclusifs de Chanel collection. It makes lavender its star ingredient, giving it a bold feminine elegance from a blend of white musk and tonka bean. Still powdery but more aromatic, Rimbaud by Celine mixes lavender and iris. The flower here weakens the lively and strong character of the plant, which is usually found in masculine juices. What’s even more surprising is that lavender can be delicious.

Rimbaud, Celine, 100 ml, 230 €.

Rimbaud, Celine, 100 ml, 230 €.


This is also the case with Eau noire, which is included in Christian Dior’s 2021 Special Collection. It was reissued in 2004 by Francis Kurkdjian, with the arrival of the nose as a creative perfumer, dreamed up together with Hedi Slimane, who later headed Dior Homme. by Dior. It is nuanced with warm accents of lavender, myrrh, sensual aspects of intense vanilla, and notes of licorice and immortelle. Three essences, both aromatic and fougère, surprise by supporting lavender. The first French Lavande is by Guerlain.

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Match perfume selection.

Match perfume selection.


Frenchy Lavender, L’Art & La Matière collection, Guerlain100 ml, 315 €.

Black water, Private Collection, Christian Dior125 ml, 130 €.

Jersey, Les Exclusifs collection, chanel75 ml, 215 €.

excessive lavender, tom ford50 ml, 305 €.

lavender 31, Lab50 ml, 198 €.

“This lavender-verbena duo, previously called Le Frenchy, echoes the text written by Aimé Guerlain in 1872. I modernized it, developed it and urbanized it,” explains Thierry Wasser, the brand’s master perfumer. The citrus notes of verbena, emphasized by bergamot, lemon and small grains, tense the aromatic accents of lavender and woody vetiver on a base of tonka bean and amber.

The same observation is made in Lavande 31 by Le Labo, in the center of which bergamot and orange blossom essential oils bring a new freshness to lavender. Amber and musk notes are mixed with tonka notes in the background. Tom Ford’s Extreme Lavender calls for not one, not two, but three different extracts from the raw material. Sometimes a dazzling freshness with its liveliness, sometimes green and herbaceous nuances, even a surprising warmth that comes from a little-known aspect of lavender: its naturally delicious character is given by coumarin (a molecule found in beans) tonka together with benzoin. .

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