Letizia from Spain radically changes her head and adopts a new hairstyle – Elle

Published on December 13, 2023 at 13:59.

Letizia from Spain radically changes her appearance and adopts a new hairstyle – © GettyImages / Carlos Alvarez

The person attracted attention with her magnificent hair and gave them an unexpected look.

Letizia from Spain and her hair: A long love story from yesterday. Between her white locks, which she wears with pride, and the trendy cuts she’s not shy about adopting, she’s a hair chameleon. We would believe that almost anything suits her. The person who got us used to having perfectly wavy and shiny hair decided to radically change our look as winter approaches.

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Presiding over a board meeting on Tuesday, December 12, the Queen of Spain emerged with a new and very trendy cut: a long, smooth bob. Come out of wavy lengths, Felipe VI’s wife succumbed to the call of the scissors. Her bob, which falls just below her shoulders, is different from the bob recently adopted by Angèle or Hailey Bieber’s signature bob.

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Letizia’s long bob from Spain © GettyImages / Carlos Alvarez

Long bob: a trendy cut that doesn’t wrinkle a single bit

The long bob, which is the ideal cut for those who are hesitant to cut their hair at shoulder length and who do not want to compromise on its length, continues to be popular among the stars and goes through seasons. It is easy to style, suits all face shapes and suits all hair types. A little extra? Hairstyles such as long bob and half ponytail continue to be possible. Will you succumb to the long bob to wear it curly or straight?

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