Lunch box help for students aged 6 to 14! Here is the application address…

Fluctuations in the economy and rising inflation figures have led to increased spending this year by families with school-going children. With the opening of schools, most parents who had purchased books, bags, clothes and stationery began to seek social assistance.

While social assistance has been distributed through many different assistance programs to families whose children are in school by the Social Assistance Directorate of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the request for assistance to stationery broke a record. While we continue to distribute social assistance packages in municipalities, lunch boxes have started to be distributed to families with children aged 6 to 14.


Kuşadası Municipality continues to fill the lunch boxes of children aged 6 to 14 from families in need living in the city. The support programs, which will continue throughout the 2023-2024 school year, include food products that will meet children’s snacking needs.


Continuing its support for families in need through its work in the field of social municipality, Kuşadası Municipality, under the leadership of Mayor Ömer Günel, provides lunch box support, which was implemented during the last school year to meet the snack needs of elementary and secondary schools. school students aged 6 to 14, continues this year. Lunch boxes, prepared for children from families in need and containing raw nuts, seasonal fruits, fruit juices, water, milk and white bread, are delivered regularly every week to selected families.


Parents present themselves at the designated points and receive their lunch bags from agents of the Department of Social Affairs. Families who wish to benefit from lunch box support, implemented to meet the balanced nutritional needs of children of developmental age, can apply through the Güvercin Masa line.

Although Aydın Kuşadası Municipality accepts applications through the Güvercin Masa line, a lunch box is provided to people who need social assistance. Although the lunch box contains products that will meet the daily needs of students, students aged 6 to 14 will be able to benefit from the assistance.

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