Mark Zuckerberg builds a million dollar house

It has been reported that Mark Zuckerberg is taking steps to have a new mansion built. According to information obtained, the mansion, which will cost $270 million, is built to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Founder of social media giant Meta Mark Zuckerberg Brand new information has been revealed. Zuckerberg, who is considered the 7th richest person in the world with assets exceeding $120 billion, was in Hawaii. rare It was claimed that he had a mansion built. There has been no statement from Zuckerberg and Meta on this matter, but when you hear about the features of this mansion, you might swallow your tongue.

According to information obtained, Mark Zuckerberg’s new mansion, 5000 square meters It is built on a campus. Even according to the most optimistic forecasts $270 million The building, which will be built for a fee (including the price of the land), will have at least 30 rooms and a private bathroom for each room. But there is much more than that.

The energy, water and food resources of the manor will be self-sufficient

*A view of the area where the mansion will be built.

The new project Mark Zuckerberg is working on will have unprecedented features. For example, this campus; in terms of energy, water and food resources self-sufficient It will be designed as follows. In other words, all kinds of opportunities will be offered to meet the needs of life on campus. We know we haven’t surprised enough yet. Let’s continue a little further.

Mark Zuckerberg

*Some buildings on campus are visible from a distance.

Mark Zuckerberg’s new toy, survive after the apocalypse is being built. This is why Zuckerberg’s modest (!) house has a special underground shelter. With heavy iron doors filled with concrete This shelter contains all living materials. It is reported that these doors will be compatible with the design of the house. This way, someone coming from outside will not be able to see the doors of the shelter.

Mark Zuckerberg's mansion

*Gateway to 5 acres of land.

In the meantime; Some at Mark Zuckerberg’s mansion fake doors will also be found. These doors won’t open anywhere. The only purpose here is to sow confusion in the event of a possible attack. We also learn that the entrance doors to the building will be explosion-proof.


Mark Zuckerberg underwent surgery after accident during combat training

That’s all we can say about the mansion for now. We will continue to inform you when there are new developments on the subject.

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